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Adela Campallo was born in Seville in 1977 into a family with a great flamenco tradition in the Cerro del Águila neighbourhood. And it was there, in fact, within the Campallo family, where she made her debut at the age of nine in front of artists of the stature of the great Lola Flores. The beginnings of her training as a professional dancer came from the talent of great masters such as José Galván and Manolo Marín, as well as having perfected her art and personal style with artists such as Antonio Canales, Javier Barón, Andrés Marín, Manuela Carrasco, Merche Esmeralda and her brother Rafael Campallo.
When she was only fifteen years old, Adela Campallo travelled to Japan with her brothers and sisters and settled there for more than six months working as a professional in the Tablao “El Flamenco”, and giving courses in all the academies of Tokyo and cities near the Japanese city, since then having a great repercussion of students from such a young age.
On her return to Seville in 1992, she was part of Manuela Carrasco’s company in the show “La Diosa”, dancing in the most prestigious theatres and flamenco festivals of the moment …



A journey through the roots of time in search of contemporary women who marked the history of the city of Seville. A particular vision of the city, confronting tradition with the contemporary, in the form of sound and performative images using iconoclastic use of any kind of


nacer para morir

I envy hourglasses because when the time runs out, just by turning it over they can start all over again. To be born is to begin to die. You decide where to go the path is yours alone. Just when I thought I had all the answers, life contradicts you and the questions change.

Because to die is not to cease to live, death it is not just closing the eyelids and the heart stops beating, the lungs stop working and our breathing stops. Because we have to die in order to exist.Curious the human being, being born doesn’t ask for it, living doesn’t know and to die does not want to. To be born and to die are only the ends of an eternal chain. The reality is that nobody dies, I won’t be dead.Dead, that’s not possible because I will always live in the memory of those who loved me. People who, without dying, are gone forever. Not loving for fear of suffering is like not living for fear of dying. To be born to die, to live to dream and to dream to die. Life has three stages: the past, which is already far away, the present, which is what you want it to be, and the future ……….uncertain.To be born to die; Join me in the process. Happens when the old has not finished dying and when the new has just become the new has just been born….



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